Robert Plant and Band of Joy concerto en directo en Winnipeg

There are few artists in the music world who have maintained a vibrant 40 plus year career. One such person is Robert Plant.  From his work with Led Zeppelin to his Grammy award winning project with Allison Krause, Plant has reinvented himself yet stayed true to his passion for music.  In June of 2011, he appeared with his group Band of Joy at the TD International Jazz Winnipeg Festival to a packed concert hall.

The audience was made up of rough-looking sixty year-old biker types who clearly went back to the early days of Plant’s career as well as twenty and thirty year olds.  This wasn’t Plant’s first trip to Winnipeg.  He performed with Led Zeppelin in 1970 and he knew exactly where he was.  As he and the producer were walking out to the CBC mobile, he asked if Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman were around.  Band of Joy features some of the most well respected musicians on the scene, including guitarist and musical director Buddy Miller, multi-instrumentalist Darrell Scott and vocalist and instrumentalist Patty Griffin.


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